The best
way to predict
the future is

to create it.


Hello, I'm Ilka.

I'm a freelance brand consultant/senior project manager for marketing communications and digital touchpoints.

I have rolled up my sleeves for renowned brands and agencies, for international blue chip companies and SMEs, and managed agile processes in complex environments. You can expect best practice in managing creative and interdisciplinary projects. 

some highlights that I'm proud of:

I'm a hybrid, a creative problem solver and thinker-doer with a passion for people, brands and technology. 

I'm  boundlessly curious and intellectually rigorous, highly capable and resolutely humble. You can expect a generosity of spirit in everything I do. 

I am a native German – currently living in Hamburg – open to the world. 

Please check out my portfolio, my LinkedIn profile or get in touch!

some brands that I have worked for:
and some agencies / companies: